Pricing - JennaLarsenPhotography

Jenna Larsen Photography

One hour session-

This is my go to session. We can get just about anything done in that magical hour before the sun sets...

We run away to some awesome location in Eau Claire, I bring my camera, you bring your family. We have a blast running through fields, hiking in a forest, splashing in lakes, picnicking in a park, climbing trees, tromping through snow, or whatever your heart desires. Then a couple of weeks later I send you a link of beautiful memories for you to download and print at your convenience. This session can be used for families, engagements, birthday milestones, senior portraits, or something else. 

$175 +tax

Mini sessions- 

I pick a few awesome spots and a few dates and times. You pick one that works for you and We go have a super awesome 20 minute session.

$100 +tax

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