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I am Jenna, a small town California girl that married a Wisconsin city boy. My heart lies caught in the middle. I live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where I am a mom, a photographer, a student, and an adventurer.

  I have been a photographer for almost 20 years. However it took me about 15 to fall in love with it and make it an art of light, hope, family, and story telling. You may hear me mention the “story of the picture” in a session. I sincerely hope that you can see why when you look through my portfolio and even more so when you see your images. I don’t want to take pictures that just capture the way things look, I want to capture so much more, interactions, expression, dreams, love, life. And it was the realization that I could do this, that I could capture just a little bit more, that started my true love and passion for this art. Please let me know if you are looking to capture a moment in life as it is right now.

I reside in Eau Claire, but I travel to California and sometimes in between regularly. I would love to capture you where you are. I'm a super relaxed photographer, always trying to capture your most natural self and in truly happy loving family moments. Family and couple pictures are my absolute favorite, I also love working with dogs!


Light ♡ Laughter ♡ Love

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